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    play time
  2. BBC Training

    BBC Training

  3. Getting Stretched

    Getting Stretched

  4. BBC Training

    BBC Training

  5. New BBC Toy 2

    New BBC Toy 2

  6. New BBC Toy 1

    New BBC Toy 1

  7. SirDj

    Should somethings just stay Fantasy?

    Anyone here have a wife or gf that just enjoys the play and fantasy? Enjoys BBC toys and some role play. Really BIG O’s on some pretty BIG toys. But never actually does it for real or shows much interest in it? Should somethings just stay fantasy? Can they? Any ideas or thoughts?
  8. TheHandjob

    Sharing our experiences sofar

    Hi all! After finding this site and enjoying a lot of your experiences I decided to create an account and share our (quite long) 'Origin Story' too :) We are Clarisa and Hernan and are originally from Argentina, but we live in England since 5 years. We are 42 and 35 years old and have been...
  9. My Wife and her cock away from cock

    My Wife and her cock away from cock

    I'm on holiday and the wife finally decided to use the Shane Diesel dildo I got her for xmas. Had to use alot of lube. She didn't think she would get it that deep but she got there. Can't wait to see her do it when I'm home tomorrow
  10. chewy100

    Favorite BBC toys?

    Friend of mind has huge toy collection she said I could borrow any toys I wanted I pick out one called Shane and one called Marcus very realistic what are your fav BBC toys and girls witch ones do you recommend?