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  1. whos2taboo

    KIK Group for NY, NJ, PA, CT, Hot Wife, Cuck Cpl, BBC.

    Anyone interested in joining a KIK group with like minded individuals in NY, NJ, PA, and CT. Hot wives, single females, cuckold couples and of course BBC's are all welcome. KIK (Allthingsfreaky)
  2. R

    Wife getting dressed for BBC bull

    Wife getting dressed for BBC bull
  3. Big Tits Bouncing Tits Cuckold Dress Interracial Mom Nipple Piercing Public Rough Porn GIF by

    Big Tits Bouncing Tits Cuckold Dress Interracial Mom Nipple Piercing Public Rough Porn GIF by

    This is what white women want. And white men NEED
  4. 6259fb04-2f3b-45d2-b236-19228ea35a72.mp4


  5. BBC Daddy taking ownership

    BBC Daddy taking ownership

  6. CuckForBBC88

    Cuckold 36, Seeks BBC for GF / Goddess 24 yo.

    Goddes Alexis is located in Canada, But also will visit California at times in the year until permanent relocation.
  7. The return

    The return

    Been away for a few days only right I come back with something to offer! @bbccuckoldlove
  8. I'm just his slut, honey.mp4

    I'm just his slut, honey.mp4

    black cuckold
  9. wife in love with bbc.mp4

    wife in love with bbc.mp4

    her first experience of being bbc slut
  10. hubby spied on wife with black bull.mp4

    hubby spied on wife with black bull.mp4

  11. firstblackman.mp4


    Sexy White girl getting fucked by a Black Man for the first time, while her white boyfriend records it all. Hot video, alas, there's a condom:(
  12. A

    My Cuckold Wedding

    My wife and I have known each other for a long time, but we decided to get married this year. We have been waiting for the wedding day, which finally came this summer. We decided to do a festive ceremony. Our ideaabout trying cuckolding have been going on several years. We decided to realize our...
  13. T

    Is it good signal?

    I (M26) talked with my gf(W22) about my bbc cuckold fantasy. In that moment, She said she don't want about it cuz she love me so much. And she asked me "Don't you think it's cheating?" And I said "No, just enjoy having sex, not making love. And if you want ,we have to make some rules about...
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    Look at my pussy,I also like dp
  15. Throat coating

    Throat coating

    Throat training.. My new Milf Mommy can't get enough. She snuck me in while her husband and ******* were sle ep to suck and fuck me for 2 hours straight. Left 5 loads in her pussy for hubby to eat for breakfast.
  16. P


    Hello. We are an older couple(50) looking for a big cock (10+) to fulfill a cuckold fantasy. We live in Puerto Rico. Any pointers will be appreciated
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  18. F

    New Bull Experience

    So tomorrow my girl and I are planning a meet with a new bull. Appearently they’ve had the hots for each other for some time now but she didn’t say anything until recent. The plan is that they, my girl and our new bbc bull, are going to go for drinks by themselves to loosen up. I’ll be patiently...
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    Gotta keep the dishes clean
  20. James227

    BBC Cuckold Kissing

    Pictures of married women and black bulls kissing have always looked very sexy to me. Especially if the person taking the picture is the woman's husband. While their husbands are busy filming, all married women care about is making their bull happy. Of course, we are aware that this moment is...