1. James Moody

    What kind of black man you want?

    Anecdotally, it seems most white women on b2w want a dominant bbc. That is, they either are submissive or want to experience being submissive to a black man. Yet, I've seen comments that emphasize the requirement to be respected, treated like a "lady" and not a bitch ("it's a verb, not a noun!")...
  2. Mitsuro

    What do you find attractive in a white woman?

    Yesterday I asked our bull for curiosity, he said: "I am fascinated with white women feet, so slender, different from ours, silky soft and delicate and most of all big and with long toes. Also I like the way how they carrying themselves, taking care of themselves, their petite lips and noses...
  3. Trimaster

    Ladies: Tell Us What Attracts You To Black Men, NOT Counting Physical Features

    Ok ladies! Lets hear it: not counting physical features, what attracts you to black men? This lovely lady really broke it down. Your turn! 😊💓💕💓😊
  4. Destructorbull

    Huge bbc temptation 🐃❤️

  5. kay461962

    Yesterday......The Steve Harvey Show

    The show was about women, who are a little heavier, and I think that I understand better why black men hit on me more often. Some of the women asked why that happened to them, especially since white men did not seem to be interested! Steve and a few others explained that black me were used to...