1. NEW PREVIEW to my newest Adventure!!

    NEW PREVIEW to my newest Adventure!!

    I went alone to see my bull in the hotel this time!! 😈 I set up the cameras and got my new lingerie on!! 🍑 Then we got TO it and it ended in a CREMAPIE!!! 💦💦💦 Check out my marketplace post if you want to see more!! OR my media on my profile!
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    How do you know I keep a wife coming back.. she use to only fantasize about swinging after two visits now she only wants my bbc. And her husband is still planning to send her back

    Her smile don’t lie . I give everything every session which is why wives get sent to me from hundreds of miles away alone. I’m a gentleman and dominate their women like they like it. They love how I treat their wives
  4. D

    Trying to understand QOS lifestyle as a Black Man

    I’m having an inner conflict. I grew up in an area where I was subjected to a lot of white woman at an early age. I don’t discriminate or have a particular preference when it comes to race but I do love having sex with white women, I always have a ton of fun with them. I was recently called out...
  5. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    Porn habit leads to addiction

    I suppose I have only myself to blame. I'm Nick. I'm the 5'11" nice-looking husband in this story, age 39. My wife, Ciara, age 33, is the hottie. 5'6", blonde curly hair, an incredibly cute and sweet-looking face, bright green eyes, and an amazing body--everywhere. Imagine a gorgeous and...
  6. 🍫🍫🍫


    Never enough such chocolate ;) You want more? DM 💥
  7. Such an exciting feeling

    Such an exciting feeling

    It so exiting feeling, when he stands behind and you already feel his warm, my little hole starts to itchy
  8. 6

    Anybody guys still addicted to bbc porn/lifestyle long after splitting up with wife/gf?

    After sharing my ex with another guy we eventually split due to lack of discretion on my part. Its been few yrs but i still think about it. I get turned on with hotwife porn and wish to experience again. The only thing i regret is being present when it happened instead of letting them play alone...
  9. G

    I think she's addicted??!!

    My wife and i were camping about a year ago and it got late so we got to talking and we started talking about porn and my wife didnt know that i was into interacial porn I asked her if she'd like to see so we started watching huge black cocks changing white girls lives porn on my phone. She...
  10. My newest BBC session!! Never Enough!!! 😋🍆😲🔥♠

    My newest BBC session!! Never Enough!!! 😋🍆😲🔥♠

    My fiancé films it all!! Every BBC session we have had for the last couple years has been on video! THIS ONE GOT INTENSE!!! Check out my other media and profile for more!
  11. BBC Makes A Sore Pussy!!!

    BBC Makes A Sore Pussy!!!

    After our 2nd round- my pussy was getting pretty swollen!!!!! This was the round right after my 1st creampie!! If interested in full vids, check out my Marketplace post ->’m-a-bbc-only-hotwife-with-an-onlyfans.214
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    From vanilla sex to black cock slut in less than a year. She loves her new toy...
  13. C

    My girlfriends addicted

    I never imagined that Lavita catching me watching interracial porn would result in how our relationship is now. IR porn was my addiction and now interracial sex is her addiction
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    5 stages of interracial porn addiction More and more white guys can only get off now from looking at or thinking about their wives and loved ones getting fucked by big black cocks
  16. bbc blowjob <3

    bbc blowjob <3

  17. J


    After introducing my girlfriend of 6 years to bbc, she is completely addicted. We're always arranging dates for her to be blacked and we love it so much. However, I feel that she couldn't stop if she tried to. She is hopelessly addicted to black cock and worships it almost every day. Is this...
  18. IN TRAINING part 2

    IN TRAINING part 2

  19. Black Blowjob

    Black Blowjob

  20. HWMILF

    So how do I make my hubby as crazy as me? lol

    Im just completely addicted to big black cocks now. Its the only thing I can think about and the most powerful craving ive ever have had in my whole life. Period. The question is, how do I make my hubby be as obsessive about it as I am? lol I would love for us to be a BBC couple and worship...