Young Portland Guy

Laid back, intelligent, exhibitionist, mature, friendly, spiritual and caring are a few words that describe me. At 6'1", 183-187lbs. I'm checking out this site to meet cool friends. Therefore if you don't want to skype, trade numbers or any other things normal friends actually do you can keep moving. *I will not have a friends list full of strangers, it's just not my style and it's definitely not what I'm here for.
I used to want to be a live in bull however now I'm in a relationship and I'm just seeing where things go in my life. Currently I'm a student and I will completing my first degree in the Spring of next year. I'm not sure what will happen after my last year of undergrad however I'm thinking of moving places like South Florida, California, Tennessee, and Georgia (maybe).
I'm here for women interested in YOUNGER MEN and BLACK MEN! Therefore if that's you and you can agree with everything that was mentioned beforehand hit me up and let's become friends.
For direct contact e-mail me at: or