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Young couple looking for BBC in Dominican rep

was there recently and many local porn actors/actresses frequent the adult section of punta cana. There was a lot of sex on the beach as well in the early hours, so it can happen easily.
It is illegal, but it sure as hell happened while I was there. And it was this year May that I was there. There is actually an adult section but this isn't a place to argue about anything. The golf course and other areas near the waterslide was described to us by the travel agent as the "family" side whilst the green band I got on the opposite side of the resort near the Conference hall thing was described as the adult side. This was the side also closest to the Flea Market that sits on the beach.

The Barcelo Bavaro resort is where we stayed. I apologize if my statements seemed blanket statements, as we met a fair number of self proclaimed porn actors and actresses there.

Sorry, but I did have to correct your assumption of me not being there, though I do stand corrected on the legality of what I saw happening on the beach at night and early morning.

:) no hostility intended in the above.


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Nice married couple looking for black men in Dominican republic, or who can travel to Punta Cana to fuck wife.

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