Wow!!! Had the best night saturday!


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We had a busy day on Saturday. We started our day with a family get together a few hours away. Got up early and spent the day with family. On our way home we decided to touch base with a guy that we have played with in the past. He responded that he would love to swing by later but that he was out with friends and would be later that night. So on our way home we stopped by a couple of place to see if we could spot some new interest... with the heat and pacers playing I was sure that we could hit up some sports bars and find exactly what we were looking for. We stopped by a wing house with plenty of tv's to draw a crowd. We settled in and grabbed a couple of drinks to enjoy the scenery. We scoped out a couple of hopefuls but they were not in the position to be approached, and shortly after we got there the crowd and the hopefuls were soon gone. Thats okay... we were sure our regular guy was going to stop by.
We left the wing place and stopped by a hole in the wall just to have a few more beverages and to keep in the mood until our friend stopped by. While there we started texting him. He assured us we was planning on stopping by and would text soon when he was on his way. We stayed for a while and decided it was time to go and get ready. We started to text him and find out his eta...... we heard nothing. We got home and felt like it was going to be just the two of us as he was not responding.
After being all worked up thinking about being fucked real good by a bbc Angel made the wild notion to go out and find some new bbc. We both jumped in the shower and had a hard time keeping our hands off each other thinking about the new adventure that we were embarking on.
We got clean and dressed and went out. It was now 1 am and really the only place to go that late would be the casino as the night club there is open til 5 am where all other bars and clubs close at 3. As we entered the casino we both wondered what the night would bring.
We walked into the club and started looking at what was offered. Being that other bars were still open the club was busy but not packed. As I looked around for a guy that would be a good fit to come home with us to cure my wifes aching pussy, I did not see a really good choice. Just then I noticed a guy that would work well, at least in the looks department. So I grabbed my wifes hand and walked over the area of the club the guy was in. As we stood there, I wondered how we would get his attention. Usually Angel will give the look and seductive stare to start things, but this was not an option it seemed. When the time was right and he was close enough I started a conversation simply by asking about the club hours. He spoke very well and had a great pressence about him. As he answered I introduced him to my wife which was her que and she started chatting him up, where are you from, what are you doing out tonight....ect. Thats when I asked him if he was drinking. He said that he was taking shots and would be doing another soon. I then said my wife would love to take one with him. We ended up at the bar within minutes my ready to take a shot with a hot ass black guy. She started flirting very heavly and rubbing his leg and getting really close! Wow we had only been talking to him for 10 minutes.
I excused myself to the restroom and when I came back my wife leaned into to me and said she asked him to come home and he said yes. I was a little taken back that she could close the deal so fast. We exchanged numbers and I sent the address. We hung out for a while as she continued to talk she got hotter and hotter for him. He was hot as hell and could talk and keep conversation and had so much swagger!! SCORE!!!
It was now pushing 3:30 in the morning and we had enough and needed to head out. We asked if he was ready and said he would be leaving soon and would be over...
Were we going to get left alone for a second time in one night?
We got home and she was super horny... she begged to get some of my cock. I explained that it was his pussy and that he had first dibs, give him 45 minutes and we can play if he doesnt show. Needless to say she fell asleep as I was close to sleep also. I set my alarm for 4o minutes and dozed for a few. When the alarm rang, i texted again.. are you still stopping by? Yes will be there shortly he replied. I dozed off again when all the sudden the door bell rang.
Wow he showed up, Angel was passed out in deep sleep but I was positive that she would not mind being woke up in this manner. I opened the door and let him in. I showed him to our room where she was sleeping. he disrobed to his boxers and laid down and started to take control. she responded slowely at first but soon relized what was happening to her. It did not take long as he was horny and wanted to fuck. As he dropped his boxers the largest dick that me and my wife have ever ecountered personally jumped out at her. It was so thick and long it was hard to believe. She moaned at the site and took it with both hands and brought it to her mouth and started sucking on the huge black cock. She was in heaven, she had never had such a big cock in her mouth or pussy and this is the cock that we had both dreamed of finding.
After sucking his cock hard he was ready to fill her pussy and she was ready for it. As he was repositioning she was ripping her panties off so he could have complete access to her pussy. After being excited for so much of the night her pussy was drench with excitement. I watched in amazment as he started to fill my wifes pussy. She was shocked by the size at first but was not long that she was moaning and screaming with desire. She was now taking the biggest black she has ever had in her pussy and loving it. He had just the right amount of aggressiveness for the session. I could hear just how wet she was everytime he thrust in out of her cunt. He fucked her good for while changing positions as needed to make sure that she got all of his cock.
After 15 minutes he thrust his cock in pussy and blew his load while at the same time she was cumming all over his cock.
They were both exhausted. He asked for some water in which I quickly got for him as my wife lay in his arms. As we relaxed I mentioned to him that he was welcome to stay over and have some more in the morning. He accepted and being that we were all tired we passed out all in the same bed. Early the next morning I could not sleep and proceeded to go to the living room and relax with the tv. After about 30 minutes I heard moans coming from the bedroom. I could not believe that he was awake already. I proceeded to the door where I saw him taking my wifes pussy for a second time in just a few short hours. She was moaning with complete satisfaction with the thick cock in her pussy fucking her. He fucked for some time before he came, I think my wife did not stop coming the whole time.
As they lay there in the after sex I leaned and kissed my hot wife and asked how she was enjoying herself. She simply reached down and grabbed his cock and asked if I had seen this!
What a great night.
<3 it.