Would you?

Hi, My wife has always had a thing for black men. It has never been something i have thought about until recently. However the thought of my wife with a black man is now a huge turn on.

On a girls night out recently I told her she had a green light if she wanted to pull, but only if they were black. Normally if i made such a comment she would have ignored it..but over a few text messages she agreed that if the opportunity arose she would do something..As it turns out the club she was in wasn't upto much so nothing happened...~This time. View attachment 249917 View attachment 249922 View attachment 249921

She is going out next Friday and Saturday and I will be making the same offer. I only hope there is some decent looking black guys out who wanna take advantage of her...Here are a few pics of her. I know in the next few months she will taste her first black cock.
I have told my bbc virgin wife the same thing.
You are letting your wife go out ALONE to find a black man? My hubby would never let me do that nor would I want to. There are lots of freaks out there who want more than just sex - just read the papers. Do you want her to have sex or become a statistic?? There are plenty of black men around who would have no problem meeting up with both of you and you can decide together if he is suitable. In fact there are some nice REAL guys right on this website who would be into it! Later on if you meet a guy you can trust and get to know in person then perhaps she can set something up to meet him alone.
Dont let your dick do the thinking - if you love her be sensible and always know where she is!
I would love to for my gf to go out clubbing on a girls night out and go home with a couple of hung bbcs she may feel more relaxed and be willing to let out her inner bbc slut with out hubby there who knows but your right it can be dangerous also