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Gold Member
We have taken up playing squash to keep fit and our squash courts is run by a English black man ex body builder in his sixties , over the months we have got to know him and become friends.
Its been a platonic friendship no real innuendoes , he has been to our place for dinner and we have gone out to restaurants with him and his friends.

But things took a real turn , he suggested we play late at night so we could have the court to ourselves and he would not charge plus he wanted to play as well.so this went on for weeks.

I watched my wife play him and they seemed to really get into the game with lots of bumping into each other and back rubbing and occasional tap on the ass and at the end they kissed , I actually found it very erotic , but did not know how my wife felt about it so I encouraged her playing him moor and moor.

It was one night they played that things got real , I could see she was getting aroused by his actions and the kiss at the end was moor that a just thank you , her eyes widened then closed as his tongue entered her mouth and her nipples grew through her tight top , with that I said we should shower and go for a sauna , we showered and towelled up and went and sat in the sauna, she sat in front of me so I could massage her neck after several minutes he walked in and sat on the top shelf next to me.

A very nervy time everyone was quite so I made the first move and asked if he would like to massage her neck , so she moved over to sit between his legs and he started to rub her neck and that's how it started.

She became very relaxed and slowly he removed her towel to play with her hard nipples and I lost mine and sat in the corner with a huge hard on watching this man seduce my wife , she turned around grabed my cock and stroked it then she opened his towel to relieve a huge thick black cock immediately she started to suck as much as she could the head was huge and I got worried about his size but she managed anyway, he moved down to the lower shelf and started to suck and lick her nipples and neck she was gone he then spun her around and told her to lean forward with legs apart and started to feed her his cock , his cock head opened her up like never before he then held her hips and made her sit on this huge cock and slowly she lowered herself until it was all in , too much for me and I shot a load over myself .

As I recovered he started to slowly fuck her and eventually he was rapidly fucking her she was loving the whole thing and kept asking don't stop don't stop it is so good fuck me fuck me which he did with so much pleasure on his face and then he grunted and asked if she wanted his load , yes yes yes fill me and with that he shot his load , what a load as he pulled out it gushed out of her , she instantly turned around and kissed him there tongues went wild.

Not much was said on the way home only she asked if she could play squash with him again and gave me a huge smile


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We have progressed in the relationship , he now comes to us and fucks Kim plus he now brings his friend , it all started one night , he invited his mate to play squash and , yes he was welcomed by Kim a little younger but very fit , she now has two huge cocks to play with