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White Women with Black Dildos

bam2.jpg bam4.jpg bam5.jpg bam7.jpg benmast002.jpg adild.jpg


I just went out and got one love the feeling
Here's one of the wife, with her favorite toy. She says size isn't important, but the bigger the dildo the harder she cums. She only asks for her biggest dildos now. I started using another dildo, rubbing it around her hole when she has her biggest BBC dildo inside her. I start to force it in beside the black one, just getting the head of the second one in. She pushes her cunt up in the air and says oh you know what I like, open me up baby. So I will tease her a bit , pulling it out and squeezing it back in. Then I will wait a bit and she will push her ass up and say, do both again it feels so good. When we were finished she said that was a nice change. She is so shy when we talk about it or I ask her what she likes, but the more I stretch her pussy the more she loves it.
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