Where's she going?


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It's so nice to know whitechics will try to look her best getting ready to meet her black stud heart throb. I get so excited when I go into the walmart past the beauty saloon and see all the lovely white ladies getting their beauty treatments knowing those pretty ladies will go to any expense to arouse their black bfs or any black stud they might meet that night. Even when a white babe knows her black bull 's going to be pulling and roughing up her lovelly hair she's willing to spend hunderds to have ever strand in place to please and arouse him when he's balls deep in her blowing his nutt inside her sweet fertile pussy.


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I love it when my husband watches me getting dressed to go on a date with a hot black guy!I dress very slutty but tastefully slutty.I dress to impress my lover and sometimes my hubby gets a little jealous because I never go to all this trouble for him but I dont lust for him like I lust for a fine black man!I want my mans thick black cock to get rock hard the moment he sees me knowing hes gonna have me and I like to walk up and see that big black cock through his pants and reach down and feel it throbbing as we kiss and I like to rub my clit against it as he holds me kissing me!Best way to start a date and it just gets better from there!As my husbands sits at home imagining what his wife is doing with this big strong,superior man!The answer,anything and everything my black lover wants me to do!