what can you do with my wife

Discussion in 'Photoshopped, Captions, Tribute Pictures' started by Ikaswife, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Ikaswife

    Ikaswife New Member

    hi id love to see you work your magic on my wife , id love to see her with big cocks or a gangbang.
    have fun

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  2. gale

    gale New Member

    very sexy wife
  3. Ikaswife

    Ikaswife New Member

    Thanks glad u like her.
    UK here .
    Still wana see her photo shoped
  4. cdnblast1

    cdnblast1 New Member

    I'd make you cum like a volcano, nice and loud and spewing 4 letter words like you thought you'd never hear.......