well hung bull in Seattle

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  1. mr_biggg11

    mr_biggg11 New Member

    Let me know who wants to see this in their wife.

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  2. falcon22

    falcon22 New Member

    great cock!!!the ass of my wife love the feel inside
  3. CuckClay

    CuckClay New Member

    Hi, Marisa and I live in Burien, we are having a fuck party starting friday nite, please private message us.
  4. DrPangloss

    DrPangloss New Member

    God damn, I want to see that split my wife's snatch wide open!
  5. DrPangloss

    DrPangloss New Member

    Looking at Marisa & Clay's pics, then that cock, I sure as hell want to see pics from that party!
  6. kimiz

    kimiz Guest

    I like to see my wife have that big cock in her pussy and ass..
  7. samantha

    samantha Member

    nice white cock
  8. cuck4hung206

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    Hey dude, I'm in seattle too, we should talk. I have an idea you might like. KIK or Yahoo: cuck4hung206

    I basically am looking for a full time bull even though I don't have a GF or a wife, I do meet a lot of women. Basically you'd be someone I could bring in for threesomes and cuckold scenarios when needed. I will try and get you access to any girl I ever have. In the meantime we can hang out and I can get you off from time to time. I can total see this working with the right guy. Drop me a line if you're interested.