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Weather Ladies


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I was inspired by another member, Lewis, who started a thread "Female Sportscasters," so I decided to start one in a similar vein called "Weather Ladies", devoted to the sexiest female meteorologists in the U.S. and around the world.

All are welcome to contribute, as long as the following rules are observed:

* Do not post pictures with websites listed on them (in other words, pay attention to Rules 3,4, and 5 of the Terms and Rules).
* Because these women are on TV, screen grabs that feature the station that they work for are permitted.
* If you want to post, please be kind enough to post the name of the Weather Lady, and if possible, what station she works for.
* No photoshopped pictures. This thread is not called "Weather Ladies Pulling a Train in the Newsroom" or "The Sexiest Meteorologists that Performed a Blow Bang". These women are well known in their areas or on a national level, finding legitimate pictures of them should not be a problem.
* This is not a personal thread for any individual, yours truly included. Guys, you may be proud of your dick, but do not post pictures of it here.
* Keep the comments on topic. If a female member posts a picture of a Weather Lady or comments on the picture, and you feel a need to compliment that member, message her or post on her profile.
* To the newbies- the women who will be pictured here are NOT the ones posting the picture, so do not post an endless stream of "get in touch with me" messages.

With that said, leading off, the lovey Sheena Parveen of NBC10 in Philadelphia

sheen parveen2.JPG sheen parveen3.jpg sheen parveen4.png sheena 3.jpg sheena parveen1.jpg sheena parveen5.jpg Sheena-Parveen-11.jpg SheenaParveenAd.jpg