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    First time poster here, been lurking a long time. I've always considered myself the dominant one in the bedroom, and am decently hung 7 1/2".

    Although I have a deep fantasy of watching my girlfriend get fucked by a big bbc or two. I've suddely brought it up and she is always against it.

    How can I get her to give in and give it a try?
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    Depends on how well you and her communicate. Not just from talking but making love and other stuff. What I usually tell husbands wanting to get their wives into this is mind how best you communicate the idea to her. You telling her would only make it not happen, because presenting this idea to any woman and she's going to be quick to say No. However, trying SUGGESTING the idea to her. By that I mean be more subtle with your approach. Use whatever subtle, secondary means you can employ to get her into thinking about this.