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One Small Dick

Gold Member
You can bet the "paid" part is coming. That's how most sites do it. Dark Cavern done it. They start out as free and get the users built up to plenty and really liking the site and then drop the bomb of going to paid memberships.


Real Person
Gold Member
As long as you can also turn it off, a chat feature would be cool. I sometimes get annoyed with the frivolous messages sent to me, I'd go insane if too many people attempted to chat with me at the same time, lol. Unfortunately though, it'll be mostly men speaking to other men posing as women.

Another nice feature would be spell check. I know it's WAY LESS cooler than a chat feature, but some of the spelling and grammar is alarming. I'm not referring to international members.
would cut down on all the wanna be cucks who really do not do anything for this site. Way too many guys playing pretend on here, like they have wives that are interested!


Real Person
Gold Member
If someone has the time to invest in monitoring it, they could set up a free yahoo group and make it so one must be approved to become a member and make up whatever rules that you all think would help keep out the lookie-loos and fakes.
Then you would have a place to advertise your availability for real meetings without all the other discussion.
I agree that chat would be nice, though with the option of being 'unavailable'. I also think that adding a 'paid' side might not be a bad idea. Even a small cost would weed out a lot of undesireables.
i agree with the chat suggestion. as far as a paid site i'm not sure. it would cut down on the fakers. as of now , you have no idea who you are dealing with (guy/gal/straight/gay/predator , etc).