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The Temple of BBC

For all the BBC worshippers out there, what do you think about starting a religion where those that love and adore the alpha black men and the Almighty BBC come together to worship and service it. We organize a room in a house, or hotel to hold services where we will offer up our wives, gf's, sisters, daughters, etc anyone who is a devout BBC worshipper. We can hold a pot luck, to enjoy some food before or after the ceremony. What do you think?
Ideas and suggestions for commandments and teachings of this religion are needed. Please chime in with any ideas you have


Gold Member
Welcome to the site.

I love your idea.
It is one that has been suggested and advocated many times in many places and many sites.
To the best of my knowledge it has never went anywhere, beyond a few Internet devotees.
I believe it would be a great activity and meeting place for like minded people to enjoy what we want and enjoy most ,BBC's.
One problem that seems to exist with all such ideas has been Where to Meet. The people who had expressed the most interest were always so widely separated by geography .
There wee always problems when enough people could be at any location at a particular time/date.
Very difficult task.
In ancient times there were several religions devoted to the Phallus, the worship of the Penis.
I believe Japan has a strong fascination with the Phallus symbol and even have large scale ceremonies and festivals
devoted to the Phallus.
The Religion would need to have not only our white females being offered to BBC's , but also include the white males.
Don't forget. many of us also Love BBC's. I, for one, would love to be able to go to a Meeting Place and Publicly Worship BBC's in front of many people.
There have been suggestions of Initiations involving the Deflowering of Young white girls (of legal age, of course), by BBC's
on the Alter of the Phallus, in front of the Congregation.
Many wanted new members to be "Brought into the Fold" by being openly Gangbanged at the front of the Church where all can Witness their devotion.
At all services everyone will be required to be nude. All members, upon entry must suck all the Ministers and Priests cocks, all are Black Men, of course.
No member will be allowed to leave the Services without at least one load of BBC Sperm in their Pussy, ass or Stomach.
All members are encouraged to accept as many BBC Blessings and The Black God Sperm as is possible.
Those are some of my ideas and some I have read of.
Good Luck.

May I Request to be your First Member.
I will be following this Thread closely.:threesome::threesome::threesome::threesome::lips::lips::):):):bounce::bounce::bounce::mstickle::mstickle::mstickle::wub::sex::sex::qos::qos::balanced::balanced::balanced:
Mmmmm my God, or should i say my BBC God. These ideas are turning out to be exactly what our religion beeds, and should be based on. You will def be the second member, as I am the founding member of this religion. But you will be given a good rank in our organization.

1.All members are to be nude during service.
2. No member leaves without black cum in their pussy, ass, or stomach.
3. All members of legal age must be baptized in black cum by the ordained ministers in front of the congregation
4. Every member is to adhere to the BBC Commandments (work in progress)
5. New members must be initiated at tye alter by gangbang in front of the congregation
6. Members are expected to tithe to cover the expenses of our fellowship.
7. Each member is responsible for converting atleast 3 more people to become beleivers in the truth and power of the BBC
8. All virgins of legal age are to be deflowered by the head priest, ministers, and his bishops in a grand ceremony in front of the entire congregation

Love these so far, please provide more input and ideas. If we can get this organized, I will start by having a small gathering and ceremony with other like minded members