Texas roll call


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I am hosting a Black Bull party on Wednesday 12/6 at an upscale hotel suite in Austin from 10:00 am until late evening . This far there are four Bulls and two ladies in deck.

Contact @AlphaRyder for details. Swing by for a “nooner” or for Happy Hour with a Happy Ending.

Why host a party on a workday? That’s exactly the point. We have found (largely by accident) that people are far less flakey, put in far more effort, and tend to be on-time and well dress on weekdays. Most people have kids at daycare, traffic is lighter and can easily slip away from the office for a few hours or return home an hour or two late without much disruption.

Who are the Bulls? Fully vetted, honorable, clean, healthy, and respectful. Bulls are professionals who work in the downtown area and maintain a high standard in every aspect of their lives.

Who are the Ladies? These are experienced, insatiable females that are fully vetted, have played with several men, and/or experienced in the lifestyle. They are secure in their sexuality and enjoy groupsex experiences.

**Everyone attending has to be vetted with recent pictures and over the phone without exception. Once verified the downtown location and other attendees will be revealed. If you are not selected and / or deleted, please do not take offense as this may mean your not what we are looking for at this time.**