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story: The Dancer

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The Dancer

Rodney sits at the bar nursing his beer patiently waiting for Ashley to arrive. Ashley steps in and comes to the bar, her eyes adjusting to the darkness. She says hello, giving kisses and hugs, then heads to the changing room. Rodney orders another beer concerned that breaking another twenty dollar bill will be one less for Ashley. Half a beer later Ashley arrives in her new green and white bikini she bought for Christmas Eve, she models it for Rodney and the other men at the bar and orders a drink.

To Rodney's surprise Ashley is chugging down a diet orange soda, telling Rodney she is getting ready for him, she settles down and runs her hand up Rodney's leg and into his crotch, in search of the limp bruised peanut she beat up a couple of days ago.

Apologizing to Rodney for her lateness, she chugs her cocktail too, Rodney pays the bar bill and gives Ashley the rest of his money only eighty dollars, not the hundred he and hoped. With business so slow Ashley lets it slide and tucked the bills around the strap of her shoe a little token for the other dancers to see. She gave instructions; be ready when I return, meet me by the lap dance area.

Rodney watches as this, beautiful dark black women struts off to the ladies room, with her empty glass. He is pleased there was no hesitation and perhaps a little anticipation as Ashley wondered aloud if the glass was in fact big enough. Returning with a full glass they both made there way to a dark corner in the lap dance area.

Ashley hands Rodney the glass as she removes her bikini top so Rodney can see her beautiful breasts then lights a mini cigar and sits next to him. I hope you don't mind the smoke? Rodney replies, "you can blow it in my face" which brings a beautiful smile to Ashley's lovely face, the black light enhancing the brightness of her pearly whites. She takes another puff and blows the smoke as he desires.

Rodney sips from the warm glass, it is so sweet and Ashley smiles again watching him. Rodney is nervous and asks Ashley "is this is freaking you out, watching a man drink your piss".

Ashley tells him she loves it, and he drinks some more. Feeling cocky Rodney asks if it would be ok to gulp her piss down before it gets cold. Yes, Yes, gulp my piss sweetie, I only wish I could have filled the glass more. Rodney drains the glass getting every drop before resting it back on the side rail for the cocktail waitress to pick up.

Rodney was glad that he had come to this strip bar and found Ashley, so often the dancers are so disinterested in the men they might as well be doing the laundry. Ashley was excited and seemed to like the erotic tone of Rodney's conversation. She put out her little cigar and kneed Rodney in the balls as he verbally guided her to pin his nut with her knee. Encouraged Ashley dropped her hair surrounding his head with her long beautiful hair so nobody could see, nibbled and kissed his ear then deeply inhaled through her nose so Rodney would know what is coming next. Would you like some of this she asked, Rodney told her she could drain her sinuses in his mouth.

Pleased with his reply, Ashley dripped a creamy white ball of her snot a few inches above his open mouth, making Rodney strain his head up to suck the marble sized ball as the tail end of her wad was stuck on her tongue piercing. Ashley purred with delight watching Rodney gobble her snot and repeated it over and over until she was drained. Rodney savored the smoky creamy taste that came from her flavored cigar.

It was almost like he was having sex, Ashley continued to knee his balls and then started to talk dirty telling Rodney she wanted to fuck him, Rodney said he would clean up after himself too. How many fingers should I shove up you ass? all of them Rodney replied and I will lick them clean. Rodney told her he did not have the equipment to satisfy her, Ashley suggested using a dildo and Rodney added he could hold it in his mouth while she fucked his face, Ashley then said "and squirt piss too?" Of course Rodney replied.

The sexually lewd dialogue continued for a few more minutes, Rodney was ready to be a fuck saddle for her, hell he would buy her a double end strap-on dildo so she could fuck him up the ass. Rodney was so impressed by the intelligent rawness Ashley possessed all cloaked in a sexy black body.

They said their good byes a few minutes latter promised to call on the phone but Rodney never really knew if he would get a return call, his unorthodox behavior could give a women second thoughts. Rodney fantasized anyway about a relationship with Ashley as he drove home to the reality of his daily existence.

Two days latter Ashley called and invited Rodney to meet her at a motel, she had a cancellation. She knew Rodney lived close, so she invited him over for a cream-pie.

Ashley was naked when she answered the door, she told Rodney to take off his clothes and eat her out she did not have that much time as her next appoint was less than a hour.

Rodney ran the tips of his fingers on her back; softly down her spine, he whispered into her mind. Millions of cells beneath his fingers formed a tapestry of life, as he traced her smooth dark skin and the curve of her back. Ashley moved to allow access to the crack of her ass. Her prefect cheeks forming a path to the object of Rodney's desires, he tips his fingers past her tail bone revealing her anal alter.

Gently he strokes and circles her anal orifice with a single finger, she is still moist, her two male friends left a few minutes ago. Rodney puts his finger to his mouth enjoying her soft anal sent whispering to Ashley for her consent, she tells him to "suck my ass sweetie"

Delighted, Rodney moves into position putting his pillow under her pelvis to raise her ass, he kisses all over the cheeks of her fine ass mounds. It is kind of a defining moment in Rodney's life being confronted with a beautiful woman ready, willing and able to fulfill his darkest desires, it has been 7 years since he had sex.

Encircling the princesses crowning anus with his lips, the tip of his tongue rims the edges before penetrating into her muscular protruding temple. Without hesitation Rodney squirts his saliva nectar into Ashley's anal chalice, she relaxes to accept his oral offerings. Rodney then sucks the ass nectar back into his mouth savoring her flavor, tasting her anal cream pie.

Rodney moves the warm building liquid mass in and out of her ass, sucking her puckering hole then swallows the load of cum.

Ashley worries about her control. Rodney abates and gently licks and kisses her ass, cleaning her princess crown. “ There is a train in the station honey and it almost left early”, shit you gave me a oral enema Rodney!! Rodney laughed and slid his tongue back inside her, touching the protruding locomotive, giving it a wiggle. Ashley moved away tightening her gaping hole shut.

Baby if I did not have another date in 30 minutes you would be having lunch now. Here take some scotch and rinse out your mouth. I still got a snatch full and not a lot of time.

Ashley sat up in the bed, back against the headboard pulling her legs up to her chest exposing her cum filled vagina. Rodney rinsed his mouth and chugged down the rest of his scotch. The contrast of the white oozing cum against her dark black skin was amazing. The pinkness of her inner lips with a white river of cum flowing down her vaginal folds, was intoxicating, she was beautiful.

He licked her crotch clean than sucked like a vacuum slurping her cream-pie out, mixing his saliva more and more until it was a saliva douche, getting the cream inside of her too. The sucking noise was loud. Ashley stroked Rodney's head calling him a good daddy “suck that nasty cum out of me daddy” oh yea, take squirts too daddy, lips around the clit, I don't want to wet the bed and get punished.

Rodney replied, “That's a good girl, push it out, feed your daddy, good little girls get fucked,” “ be a good girl.” He slobbered his face in Ashley's wet vagina, fucking her with his face loudly slurping up her juices, rubbing his nose into her and across her clit until she came.

You are such a fucking pig Rodney!

Ashley lit a mini cigar and and got on the phone calling her next customer as Rodney cleaned. Rodney licked her dry gently kissing and blowing on her vagina and crotch, then grabbed a baby-wipe cleaning her crotch and ass. He listened to Ashley sweet talk the older man on the phone, telling him she would be baby fresh for him, “ you know you are always the first guy of the day”, “will you be on time, good don't be early I just got out of the shower, by-by sweetie, love you too!

Ashley closed the phone and told Rodney: The little fucker will be here soon, so straighten up the room while I take a quick rinse and get my strap-on, he likes me to dominate him, I fuck him up the ass while he jerks himself off, it takes 15 minutes tops, sorry Rodney there won't be any cream-pie from this guy!
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