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Made my wife squirt only one time ever and it was while i was working her pussy good with a bbc dildo and licking her clit at the same time. I thought she pissed all over, then realized what happened.
Good for you! :dance:
Just because you're a cuckold or wannabe doesn't mean you shouldn't do your best to give your wife pleasure! :)

Would love to have her 69first me while a bull plowed her and i licked her just to see if she could squirt again.
Sounds delicious. :) I'd love to experience this with my Wife as well!


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yes I am a proud squirter and I can soak my hubby , my lover , the bed or wherever we maybe
I wasn't always one I would get really wet and cum so much that I would soak my hubby and he showed my how too
and now it is all the time
and what makes me squirt : hubby , my black cock dildos and reg. toys and most of all my bbc lover and here are a few pics of me squirting from his cock look at see how wet the chair is steph and bigdee pt 7 056.JPG steph and bigdee pt 6 254.JPG
I ran into a woman who was a squirter. It was thru CL, only she didn't mention it so it was a total (although pleasant :D) surprise. I'd been interested in finding one for a while.