socal, still looking for bbc for my gf! shes ready

Discussion in 'Couples and Women Seeking' started by latinawifeylovesbbc, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. latinawifeylovesbbc

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    Send face and cock pics to
    She still hasnt approved of anyone so far unfortunatly :/
    We are a very real couple, and we both really want this,
    She is a little picky, but it only comes down to three things for her tht she needs: decent face, decent body, massive cock!! BLACK ONLY, NO LATINO OR WHITES NEED REPLY. We actually want to do this, not just talk about it... a younger bbc would be best, for her to feel comfortable. Help us please!! :(
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  2. NowADaze

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    Check your inbox. LA County here.
  3. Vegasjay

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    Let first start off by saying.That the girl in the pics is very Sexy.I love latinas.I'am having a hard time believe this is real.Are you just posting your girls pics and she doesn't know??

    The reason i say this is, your ad says..
    still looking for bbc for my gf! shes ready

    Then your avtar says, latinawifeylovebbc.

    Just seems like you may be Fake..
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  4. straightdrop

    straightdrop Active Member

    I also agree , sounds like a stinker to me...
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  5. latinawifeylovesbbc

    latinawifeylovesbbc New Member

    Alright, not fake. Unfortunately this venture took a backseat to more important life matters... she knew about me posting the ad and pics... we were legitimately looking. How did the avatar name even contradict the title of the post?? We recieved some replies, but lots of fakes, a few nice people just being friendly and the guys we did find... she wasnt attracted to. Thats why we were "still looking" (besides having no luck on our previous attempts through other sites), she insisted i find the guy so it didnt take away from the fantasy of it... was planning on us verifying soon, unfortunatly the situation changed but yeah ummm... not fake
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  6. latinawifeylovesbbc

    latinawifeylovesbbc New Member

    We are both young, both inexperienced when it comes to any of this... more like testing the waters type situation, but the ad is 100% real... unfortunately she isnt in the mood to talk about all of it, so ill give her the time she needs, we will potentially still be looking. Lol out of all the bs creeeps on this site, youre gonna call out a genuinely curious couple
  7. NowADaze

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    Lol, in the span of two days it's taken a 'backseat.'
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  8. latinawifeylovesbbc

    latinawifeylovesbbc New Member

    ^ as if that is completely impossible -____-
  9. latinawifeylovesbbc

    latinawifeylovesbbc New Member

    Weve been looking for bbc for a long time before we joined this site, by the way...
  10. socalsamba

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    I'm in socal as well. If you are serious about things email me
    What part of socal are you located in?
  11. GenS

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    I love how the unverified argue on the site, at least take the first step in proving you are legit, just my two cents LOL
  12. NowADaze

    NowADaze Guest

    I rescind my earlier post. Seems legit.