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Seduce my wife in West Michigan


Real Person
Pretty much what the title says.

Been looking for a REAL guy for the last couple of years. My wife likes to have her fun on the side. She has been doing this for a few years now. She generally likes to find the guys but never finds anything that she wants. She just wants a steady FWB or Boyfriend type of thing. Keep things romantic and keep her company and have fun if you know what I mean.

She brought up a while ago how she wanted me to find her a guy. It took me about a year to find someone who is actually real with the whole thing. Most guys just lie and want pics and some just are too scared.

I only had success once and it really didn't work out how she wanted it.

I am a real husband with a real wife. No lie. I am not asking to trade pics and emails that go to dead ends. Just trying to make the wife happy.

I like the idea of a guy seducing my wife. She generally is pretty easy to hit on and loves attention from men. Especially sexy black men.

So if you are in the west Michigan area let me know and hit me up.
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hit me up ... holderjamar@yahoo.com ... would love to suduce that sexxxy wife of urs