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San Antonio

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Real Person
Hi, my name is Steven. Im a 34 yo blk male in NE San Antonio. I have lived here for the past three years and have been involved in the lifestyle for a while now. I am interested in meeting single ladies, couples, and wives who play alone that enjoy bbc. I am decently endowed in my opinion. I have pics that I can share. If u r interested, contact me by gmail, cincimbm4u. I can text also if ur interested. Message me for the number. IMG_20120922_102302[1].jpg 3n53mf3od5Y35O35Z2b9895ec95b91a1a1773[1].jpg IMG_20120922_102302[1].jpg 3n53mf3od5Y35O35Z2b9895ec95b91a1a1773[1].jpg
hi iam from south texas looking for a bbc for my wife, she is shy and i know she wants it, will have to talk her into it. hope to see u in action some day.
Not open for further replies.