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Does this russian deserve a black bull

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This Russian beauty only deseves to be fucked and seeded by a beautiful bbc. Once she gets her Russian pussy fucked, she will want it all the time. I dated a Russian girl in the not too distant past. Close minded on everything but sex. Once I convinced her to have sex with other men in front of me to fulfill a fantasy, I let that play out several times all the while mentioning how much it would turn me on to share her with a hung black studd. At first she was completely against the suggestion but once I she saw pics from sites like this of other beautiful wives enjoying black cock, she decided to give it a try and never looked back. We don't date anymore but to this day, will occasionally pick up and fuck a black studd if they approach her right and put the time in.

Hedonist Ninja

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Nice! Russia has some strong racism against blacks at times. That adds some pop to the notion that hottie would be filled to the edges with a big dick of a black guy (or any black guy's dick)

Many Russian brides or Eastern European gals who wind up living in the USA fall into the cycle of having black men use them in the most nasty but pleasurable ways.
В России, как и везде есть горячие девочки, которые это показывают, а есть по настоящиму горячие, именно те ведут себя скромно и стыдливо, раскрывая свою страсть, только с заходом солнца ;-)