Request for REAL Beauties of U.K. (Great Britain, Northern Ireland & Scotland)!


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An Island west of continental Europe with considerable history. It's country's female symbol and national matron is Brittania. While she is normally seen in a long dress, hiding her voluptuous figure, we brothas hope you U.K. Cuties will come out from hiding and represent your Union Jack by posting your photos in this thread. Come on you Britt chaps, show us black men your sexy mums, sisters and wives for your pride of the good Ol' Union Jack! No fakes allowed. What a turn of events (June 24, 2016 - perhaps U.K.'s new "Independence Day," heh? (And I WILL CONFIRM).

My favorite Brit of late is attractive actress Gemma Arterton, from Kent who played Bond Girl "Strawberry Fields" in "Quantum of Solace".
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