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Request for Cuties in Corsets


Real Person
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The corset, provides definition to the feminine form. It is amazing who the women in the past who have worn this accessory ever survive it. But thanks to their "cost" in discomfort we are able to enjoy seeing our more contemporary women in more stylish and comfortable versions of this intimate piece of lingerie...

This thread is dedicated to the corset. And as you will see this garment can evoke sensuality but also a sense of dramatic, yet sensual power for the woman that wears it. Real ladies in the community, show me YOUR corset!!!


In an effort to keep the pictures as amateur/artistic as possible, I have two requests:
No Pictures with Photographers, Websites or copy written "(C)" indicator watermarks on pictures - Blacktowhite.net is NOT into free promotion to other websites.

No Pornstars - Unless they APPEAR amateur.

No Photoshop Images...