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Welcome! It looks like 3 of your pictures are the same and 2 of them are really hard to make out. All you can see is the sign. You might want to upload 2 more pictures of good quality that are different from the previous. Just trying to save you some time later on :)


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I like that I think she's asleep in the photos with a sign on her legs, and the only difference between two of them is you peeled her skirt up a little... be careful you might have woken her up, LOL ;)

Anywho, please make note of this as you are registered as a Couple.

SPECIAL FOR COUPLES - If you are a couple and wish to be verified please submit a photos of BOTH husband and wife in that photos, or submit some photos: three of husband (not necessary) and three of wife (necessarily), for verification. Photo submissions of only the husband will not be accepted for verification
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