Verified please verify me I am with the lovely sweetginny

Loyal Maple Leafs fans. They may have lost the game, but I was certainly a winner!

Such a delicious cock!
Lupul and Sparks need to start it fresh. Bernier got dropped down a league 10 days. Reimer? Oh...maybe. - Sparks killed it 1st game...jitters on?

I'm still a huge Colton Orr fan. I'm getting into Dylan McIlrath as well. - He picks the fights with the GOONS. He was bloodthirsty in the Pack. - The shot two weeks ago a Bruin took on McIlrath's teammate? I love how Dylan just drops the gloves down quiet, slides the stick off with no fuss, smiles, and just goes for the jersey lock.

Im not sure where Colton Orr plays now. He was great in the T-Dot (fav team/tied with 'wherever the Great One was'. HERO!) - The damn goalie thing...

Lastly, have Orr and McIlrath faced off yet? They both love to fight. But Orr...he's a literal bezerker...laughing while busted up and bleeding...taking shots...

I've been to busy to watch for a few years.

Always great to meet another Leafs fan!! GO LEAFS!!

T-Hip fan?