please rate my dick

Your changing the subject. Why dont you just start your own thread? And dont call me sir, if you looked at my user name you will see I am a girl...
Look if you dont like what someone says why dont you just skip it and if you want to start your own thread why dont you? I spoke with Beginner the other day and I dont think he was mad because I posted. By the way your profile says Couple not female. Im not here to cause problems and Beginner sorry if I took anything away from your thread.
Ok I accept your apology Mr. Hi- Jacker!
If anyone is hijacking its you and going where you dont have to but I guess thats just like some people who want to attack others. This is an open forum and anyone can comment on anything. And to your little comment about an appolgy. Im not appoligizing to you at all. It was to Beginner just so you are clear.