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please do my wife


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Blindfolded. ..loves talking dirty..getting ask smack...shes def a freak in bed..open minded ....always wanting to try something new..you will love her
Cuck wannabe you get home from work & you find your wife on PC naked playing with her pussy
And she says I've found your online history is that what you really want me to do fuck big black cocks let them cum inside my tight white married pussy then make you eat it all out ????
As you stutter and don't know what to say,
She said mmmmm I've been watching it all day I think it's hot I'd love to. Cuckold you and get fucked by some hung blk cocks
Tht is hot. .i can just imagine ny wife playin with herself to bbc porn....to be honest if she evr told me tht i would realy be shocked....she is just so sweet n nice ....thts why i need a blk man to ruin her for me