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(Pictures Inside) Looking for interracial play in the NYC/NJ & CT area

How many woman in the NYC area would enjoy a gangbang

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Real Person
Hello how you are my name is Jazz.
I am a Solo Swinger. I have been in the swinger lifestyle on and off for the last 7 years. I am a straight male. I am on this web site looking for others who have similar interest.
I enjoy 1 on 1, threesomes, and setting up gangbangs for woman who enjoy them
Nothing better than meeting others that enjoy the swing lifestyle
I stand 6ft tall & 210 pounds, and I clean cut. I am a respectful and polite gentleman, I am-educated, easy-going, and mild-mannered and most of all I am a honest fellow with a sense of humor. And I will always respect your privacy.

I am from queens NY. It would be my pleasure to exchange emails to learn more about you. I do not smoke & I do not partake in Drugs & alcohol.

If you are interested. My Yahoo messenger screen name is gangbangking4ever 0004c5ae-c089-d84b-7f7a-f1dbd924a7ce_958.jpg 0004c53c-ef3e-a59a-57de-48d1624423c6_958.jpg 0004c53c-f218-9615-99e3-cee1905fe296_958.jpg 0004c53c-fc64-315d-6cf7-3be0d44547b6_958.jpg 0004c53c-feb6-1e56-9514-bed2274d8731_958.jpg 0004c535-98b5-2d45-fd7a-557201a3bff3_958.jpg 0004c535-978e-e70e-5f79-3a5f0d7aa7d1_958.jpg 0004c592-c373-9a5c-6079-f104219a2a68_958.jpg 277_1000 - Copy.jpg 562_1000.jpg 563_1000.jpg 567_1000.jpg 571_1000.jpg gangbang_king2000.jpg gbking2.jpg gbking3.jpg gbking3.jpg gbking4.jpg
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