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Photoshop me?

Golden rules of a good photoshop.
1. The photo should be high quality and is made with flashlight
2. Usually the person with a photo is located in the chosen plot, on it the person should be visible completely what superfluous subjects shouldn't be
3. It is simplest to process the portrait photo with a foreshortening 3/4, face and a profile.

All other photos to process very difficult and as a rule the result appears not rather good.
Don't forget about a look it should bear semantic loading, for example impudence, passion, ecstasy, it is good to work if on a photo eyes are closed... lack of superfluous subjects very important, such as points, a ball pen in a mouth, hands near the person, and other... all this will have to erase and retouch and on it leaves time a great lot.
Nion is right. . . .I should write up a guide for submitting pics to be faked. . . .My philosophy is; garbage in, garbage out! If the pic is crappy (in quality) before being Photoshoped, it will be HORRIBLE after being Photoshoed.
If you are going to ask someone to spend maybe an hour or so on a fake, the least you can do is take 5 minutes to take a high quality photo that will make the results better.
I completely agrees! sometimes it would be desirable that that dissolute in thoughts and dreams and it is enough of it. Happens absolutely there is no sense to do it in reality, imaginations can bring an udovoletvoreniye.