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Discussion in 'Interracial Sex Photos' started by Dream Hubby, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Dream Hubby

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    After surfing some of the photos on here I realized there are two groups of photos I like that are not seen much here. So I am putting out a request.

    Request one, photos of a nice hot BBC sucking you wife's nipple.

    Request two, photos of your wife with her BBC that shows her wedding ring.
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    Before you create a "request" thread (and this is your second), you and your wife must select images to post in any of the existing topical and pictorial threads that currently exist (NOT threads that YOU've created), in accordance with #17 of the Site's Forum Rules. Please quickly acquaint yourself with the rules before creating a new thread which are in violation of the Site's Rules. (The images YOU prefer to see DO exist, perhaps you just have not seem them in the following threads: "White Tits for Black Dicks", "Wives Blowing Black Men" or "How .... to Treat A White Girl!!!!"), but what good is enjoying them and you are banned for not following the Site's Rules?

    Thanks for your cooperation!

  3. Dream Hubby

    Dream Hubby Active Member

    Yes, I realized my poor manners.
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