We live in a residential neighborhood, but several apartment buildings back up to our property in back. The closest apartment has a clear view of the back of our house and our patio. Over the years we've learned to close our drapes and blinds to deny the curious...or so I thought.
My wife gave birth to our son 3 months ago, and was home for 6 weeks on maternity leave. She had decided to breast feed him, and I have to confess to some jealousy as I watched the little guy sucking mom's big milkers. Seems I was not the only one enjoying watching her milk tho. I happened to glance out our bedroom window toward the apartments one weekend afternoon...and noticed someone peeking toward our house...with binoculars. I took a peek in the living room and found my wife breastfeeding completely topless..and WITH the drapes wide open. I should have told her right away, but to be honest the idea that she was being watched and probably jerked off to made me I kept quiet. Sneaking back into the bedroom I pulled out a telescopic rifle scope I keep in the closet, and checked out our voyeur. It was two black teen boys! That really gave me a jolt in the shorts. And it didn't take me long to realize that my sweet wife KNEW she was putting on a show. she didn't usually take off her top completely to nurse...and I'd certainly never seen her sit in the rocker in only her nursing bra and panties!
And she was getting bolder also...sometimes sitting out on the patio in a chaise lounge to nurse in her robe or just panties. I wondered how much more daring she might i was was jerking off. No sex yet, as she had only given birth a few weeks earlier. As I got home from work one late afternoon my wife was not in the house. I spotted her out on the patio, only a pair of panties! Instant boner...and I snuck to our bedroom to peek. There they were in their window, enjoying the show too. Thats when i realized my wife was not asleep...she was staring back at those teens....with her legs spread. I started jerking off as I watched her slowly rubbing her pantied crotch until she orgasmed. I barely made it into our bathroom before I shot my load. Obviously my wife was feeling horny from now sex also, and this was her way of satisfying least thats how i rationalized it.
Five weeks after the birth, I stopped by the house on my way back to work from a meeting. I knew as soon as I walked in the house something was going on. I could hear voices from the patio. On a hunch I peeked from the bedroom. There she was naked, on here hands and knees with both of the black teen voyeurs. One had his lips suckling her milkers while the second was thrusting in and out of her squishing pussy. She obviously couldn't wait until after her 6 week checkup for sex, and these boys were giving her what she needed. I had my own cock out, stroking, ready to shoot off already. Thats when I became aware that the boy in her pussy was barebacking...NO CONDOM! I knew I should stop him, but what could I say? I figured she'd ask him to pull out at least, but as his excitement mounted hers did too and they both lost control and forgot all about birth control. Most hubby's recognize that sound their wives make when they're cumming hard, and I knew Jennifer was having a strong climax. Even IF he had thought to pull out in time, she backed her ass up to him so hard and fast it was all over. He grunted hard and thrust into her deep, then held himself in her as his balls pumped out their load. My own load splattered the kleenex in my hand as this black boy seeded my wife's pussy. After a moment to allow the last of his sperm to drain, he pulled out and they switched places. The younger brother was too excited, barely lasting 5 minutes before adding another load up her messy twat. But he stayed in her, waiting a minute, then thrusting again, still hard!! He was able to last much longer the second time, filling her again after making her cum hard.
I snuck back out of the house without revealing myself...and by the time i got back to work I had to jerk off in the mens room.
She had her 6 week checkup the following week. I'm pretty sure she had sex with those boys at least once a day during that entire week. I wasn't sure if I should let her know that i knew...or play along and enjoy the secret. Obviously she was already having sex, but since I wasn't supposed to know, I had to wait until the Dr cleared her for sex after her checkup.
I was eager to get "back in the saddle" that nite, but instead our lives took a different turn. My wife told me that the Dr had determined in a routine screening that she was...pregnant again! All cards on the table...I told her I knew about her having sex with the neighbor boys, and that one of them was obviously the daddy. She shocked me by saying she KNEW I had seen them, and obviously I had no problem with her having sex with the boys in our house. That being the case, we would continue the arrangement as it was now...she having sex with the black boys and me peeping. She planned on having their baby also, and I would raise it. Then she smiled and said " I see by the little boner in your pants that you're fine with this. Good boy! Now put these on, the neighbors are coming over to hear the big news...." and she handed me a pair of her panties.
Our lives surely weren't the same after that. No sex with me, but Jennifer continued to enjoy her "boy toy" neighbors. Whenever they'd text her that they were coming over I had to slip into a pair of Jen's panties and greet them at the door. Boys that age cannot keep something like my Milfy-wife a secret. I knew they'd be bragging to their school friends about the white cunt they had knocked -up. Within a month they were each bringing a young buddy along to sample my wife's hot twat and milky titties. By then our son had been weaned off Mom's milk and onto the bottle, but the boys continued milking of my wife's udders kept her producing at maximum.
As her belly swelled ever-larger with her first black man baby, the youngsters took every opportunity to show-off her round tummy and milkers around the neighborhood, like she was some kind of trophy. She was told to dress in short skirts and crop tops, the better to display her belly. She mostly wore thin white tops over her nursing bra...and they delighted in taking her out in public without letting her pump first, insuring that her milker were FULL and obviously needing relief. Sometimes they would grab her titties from behind and massage them vigorously, expressing her milk into her bra cups and through the thin tops she wore. Other times she'd be milked right in front of their friends, her top unbutttoned, nursing bra cups peeled open for the boys to suckle.
By this time I was wearing panties 24/7...and subbing for her when they'd come by the house for relief if she were not at home. My testicles and pubes were kept shaved, and with my small penis tucked into satin bikini panties I looked more like a 12 yr old boy than Jennifer's husband. By her sixth month I realized I could not get an erection anymore unless I were wearing panties...and I no longer gagged when my mouth was full of young black man cock. A bra was added to my outfit during their visits, and sometimes a garter belt, stockings and heels. It was more and more common for me to arrive home from work and find a couple of young blacks with their lips fastened to my wife's titties while another black teen was helping stretch her birth canal.
Jennifer's Obstetrician had determined that she was carrying a baby boy, so my own son would soon have a brother. The baby-daddys were quite proud of course, and each was sure HE was the real father. It wasn't much of a secret around the neighborhood any longer, but I was still surprised to answer a knock at the door one evening and to be face-to-face with the neighbor boy's black Momma! She had known for awhile that my wife was knocked-up by one of her boys, and she wanted to meet "the slut" who would be making her a Grandma! She and my wife went into the bedroom to "talk" and I was not allowed to eavesdrop. Whatever was said they came out laughing and smiling. Grandma stopped by the door and told me to "show me 'yo panties!" I was stunned, but did as I was told. She reached down into my panties and jacked on my small penis. A few strokes was all it took and I dribbled a thin trickle of semen into my lace-edged bikinis. She grinned and turned to my wife, "I see now why yo' needed some fuckin' from my boys!"