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NYC Black Male Looking 4 A Real Meets Only In The NYC Area


Real Person
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So as you can see from the last photo i am very real
Ladies are you tiered of all the fake ass bullshiters
and all the photos collectors
if you are in the NYC area or traveling to the NYC area and you would like to meet a group of guys who are very real
my contact info is
or if you have yahoo messenger hit me up on
gangbangking4ever or justinstyles718
i am always logged on 1 of the 2 yahoo id on yahoo messenger
Remember i am only looking for real meets

I stand 6ft tall & 210 pounds, and I clean cut. I am a respectful and polite gentleman, but if you want me to be wild and uninhibited, that's not a problem either. I am-educated, easy-going, and mild-mannered and most of all I am a honest fellow with a sense of humor. And I will always respect your privacy.
I am from queens NY

I am a Solo Swinger. I have been in the swinger lifestyle on and off for the last 5 years. I am also a straight male. I am on this web site looking for others who have similar interest.

I am not a stalker, A creep, A thug, and I am not into kiddy porn.
No homo....Straight male here.....I am a straight male.... I organize gangbangs for woman in the NYC area
I'm not looking to break up any marriages or any relationships I am drama free and would love to stay that way.