Number 2 might be happening tonight!

If you've read my previous posts, you know all about my wife's first encounter with a bbc. If you haven't here's the summary:
-Talked about it for a few years
-finally did it
-disappointed by the fuck but glad she did it
-problems summed by by two things: My cock was bigger than his, and he was not a great fuck

Recently, my wife has been looking online again, and thinks she may have found what she is looking for. He is American, 6'0, muscular, and best of all he has a big cock. My wife is 5'2 curvy American born Asian girl and we have been fucking for years so she is used to big cocks only.
They spoke on the phone and video called as well, and she seems rally attracted to him. The one thing she finds most attractive is that he has two kids already and that turns her on big time. He also was with a white couple before for many years and is used to doing this.
She's on her way to meet him right now just for coffee, but we'll see what kinds of "coffee" she actually gets.
I will keep you all posted.
Love wife did the same thing a few months back while I was at work.......a hour after they met, she sent me a pic of her on her knees servicing that BBC. I was so fucking turned on. When I got home she had saved all of his cum in her pussy and she was still sore and stretched out.

Keep us posted.
sorry all, I've been a bit under the weather. Didn't happen unfortunately but I think there is more to the story or may be yet to come.
She went to meet him and they had dinner together. She said the chemistry between the two of them was great. He wasn't the super bull she's looking for - he is skinnny and a bit dopey, while she wants big and big- but otherwise she said he was way cooler than the last guy. They only hung out for an hour then she came home. She said maybe he was not her type, but they kept messaging, and he still messages her the next few days (even though she said she didn't like him).
she told me she is pmsing right now so that's why she's not attracted to him, but I have noticed she changed her phone password. I knew her old one but it doesn't work now... coincidence? I also noticed she has a lot more messages lately...
We'll see and I will keep everyone posted. Sorry for the letdown
AvgCouple, sounds like what I hope for my wife. enjoy!