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nj couple here. ..


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I'm the husband. ...looking for The right people for trying again sharing my beautiful wife with. .... it's not easy for me because I'm jealous and sharing my wife with others it's sound crazy and make me feel stupid but i don't know why it turn me on. .... my dick it's 5 inches and sharing her with you guys with bigger cock than mine it's so freaking hot. ...i know that she need and wish more than mine that is not enough. ....so i would love to find the right man with huge cock for sharing her with and then little by little add more guys until i make my obsession come true. ..a gang bang and bukkake with at least 4 guys. ...she is ready for this and I'm sure even with 6,7 guys .... so please message me people from ny,pa,nj and let's see who will be the next one. ...i would love and i will let all of you share her with me. ....i love this great website! download (3).jpg download (3).jpg
In the picture it's my wife. ....