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So many possibilities with a hot body like yours! lovely leg's too. Tell me what your favourite encounter with bbc was like. I'd love to know.
Morning from the uk Andrew ,
I have never had a bbc encounter , Dan wants me to and I'm not against it just really don't know where to start ? I know there's lots of offers out there , I don't want to do anything to hurt Dan but I know he wants to see me fucking a bbc , he talks about it all the time so I make out I've done it behind his back and he comes buckets ( so do I)
Thanks for the pic your cock looks so yummy I'd love to take it in my mouth
Your body looks hot in your picture I bet dan would let you enjoy it. He sais he wants you too fuck a black guy.
Hi and yeah he does want me to enjoy myself and so do I , I like the look of your cock , Dan is very large to and sometimes it hurts when he goes at me hard , I think he wants to see me being used by a black guy ? But nothing to heavy ? Would love to know what you could do to me ?