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    Hello everyone,

    I am a dark Dominant male; beautiful dark brown skintone living in Vancouver BC. I seek to connect with sexy white women, for all kinds of fun; open to vanilla, and kink fun.

    Assertive in vanilla, and in kink; I am actively seeking to connect with sexy white women. Not seeking people that want to chat only, or play games; I seek a genuine r/t connection!

    Always seeking lasting relationships, I seek to play safe in vanilla, or kinky settings. Yes, there needs to be physical compatibility, but wether it's in kink, or vanilla; any serious connection that is build to last, requires intellectual compatibility... Though I make it clear that in My journey, I give preference to athletic/ slim women.

    If you enjoy connecting in a creative, fun, caring, and safe environment; then I look forward in hearing from you. I in particular seek to connect with strong, creative, and openminded white women..

    I wish everyone all the best of luck, and hope many will find what they seek.