New Couple In DC Area

Hello everyone. 29 year old white male here. I have a 24 year old girlfriend who I am about to marry. We live in the DC area. Looking forward to her getting BBC!

She isn't quite there yet... She has fucked her ex boy friend ( white ,with a huge cock). But she still isn't ready to go black. I'm not pushing her too Ihard but she is slowing warming up to the idea.Her pussy is very tight when we first start to have sex, but after she gets warmed up and wet, it feels very loose for me. I have a 5.5" and pretty thin. She finally addmitted that she misses big cock. She has slept with 6 guys before and I'm the second smallest. I finally convinced her I wanted her to fuck a big cock, so she fucked her ex.

I'm slowing working her to BBC. We have a black dildo we use when she is drunk or very horny. When we do use it, she goes crazy.

Not really ready to meet anyone yet, but hopefully we will soon. (If you have any ideas let me know! I'm down for a guy pretending to be an old friend or something and all us meet up) We had a baby a year ago ( her pussy never changed after birth) but her boobs started to sag a little bit. I love them but she feel very self conscious about them, she is getting a lift in the next month or so once we pay off some bills. After that I think she will be ready to go out and get fucked by black cock!!!

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