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Hi im jon. Im seeking a black male for my young wife, She is a 22 yearold white woman who is a size 14-16 and very pritty. We are 100% genuine and I do have pics but i can only sent them through email. I can also chat over phone to prove in genuine. Now before i go into loads of details about us and what sort meet I want i will quickly run through what im actually here for.
Me and my wife have been together since we was 14 years old, It is our wedding anniversary in March and im planning on taking her for a short break in London.Now for the passed 4 years we have role played and talked about her having a black lover. I know N gets so turned on thinking about it whilst having sex because her pussy just gets so wet that shes actually soking her knickers with her jucies. For me, the thought of seeing her in somebody elts arms really turns me on and i know deep down she would like to experience it herself. Now everytime we have finished having sex after talking about her getting her little white pussy filled with a huge black cock, iv always ask her to take it to the next level and meet sombody for a night of passion and everytime she says no and that its just a fantasy. Now for March she has agreed to flirt meaning she will passonatly kiss, dance and have lots of groping in a club and see where it goes. She said that she wanted it to come naturaly and didnt want to find anyone from the internet but i know if we did that nothing would ever happen. So im here seeking a professional good looking black male like yourself to meet us in a night club and seduce my wife. I know once shes had some alcohol and relaxed, she would love all the attention and be begging you to take her back to the hotel. I would meet you first so I could hand over some money for drinks so it wouldnt cost you a penny. Make it look like your buying N drinks all night, i know she would love that too. I have a plan that has been well thought of (well it took about 3 years) so you definitely wont be going home empty handed. As our anniversary is in March i was hoping to meet then. We will be doing all the traveling down to you and hotel room would all ready be payed for.

If your intersted then please email me and we can take it from there.
Thanks a lot

My situtaion is some what the same I told my wife about my fantasy and she would not agree to it but then she would feed it by having interracial porn loaded and ready to watch and she would make comments like his cock is too small, or his cock is too long, or i could handle that cock, she made comments like one time we were at the store and she grabbed a bag of oreos and with a big smile on her face said look oreos, or one time she was looking at recipes and there was one for "black and white" cookies, and she says "this would work for you" we have used larger black toys, she has allowed me to talk out my fantasy during sex, I go into detail about cock size, how much he loves her married white pussy etc... I told her if she didn't want me doing that I wouldn't and she said no it was fine. At one point she agreed to doing it but backed out after pics were exchanged and we were trying to arrange a date. I don't want to force the idea on her and have her get pissed, but she seems to be more open to things like trying food she didn't think she would like and before refused to try. I have tried telling her the worst that would happen is she don't like it and we don't have to do it anymore. I am hoping she will build the courage to give it a chance. She may find she really likes the feel of a larger black cock.
Well that may be and i agree she may never be interested in that life style, however obviously at some point she had some curiosity because she cheated on me with a black guy, not a guy we were friends with or even knew, no it was a guy my sister knew and my wife met him through my sister, knowing the guy only for a few days she slept with him, This about ended the marriage infact we separated for several months over it. We finally agreed to work things out, and everything seemed to be fine, however at some point i found out she was talking to guys online about meeting up with them, or sex talking. So I was thinking obviously she got a taste of some strange and wanted another taste. So i entertained the thought of bringing in another guy not just any guy but a black guy who is at least slightly larger than I am, this way its something we are doing to enhance our own sex life and it eliminates the need for her to cheat to get Strange. Well right away she was opposed to it and could not explain why she was doing the online shit she was doing. Through some talking she seemed to lighten up to the idea so much so we had even talked to a guy about helping us with this, but she got cold feet and backed out. About a year and a half ago I was deployed over seas for a few months, I noticed a change in her behavior so i did some checking and found out she was talking to a couple of guys online about having sex. So long story short i told her if we are going to save this marriage I need to know why she keeps turning to other guys. She said she had no intention of actually sleeping with any of them but the way they talked to her made her feel good, and that she felt like i was not giving her enough attention in the bed room. That being said, my wife has a high sex drive, Higher than mine so Ive used this fantasy to get myself more aroused, which has helped increase our bedroom time, but I tried explaining to her that if we brought someone in from time to time, its going to allow her to be more satisfied, its going to keep me more aroused increasing the number of time we have sex etc... She told me at that point she wouldn't mind doing it, but she does not want to take the chance of ruining the marriage by doing this.
So I am not here to give any of the guys on here the impression my wife may want to sleep with them I am not here to tear anyone down, debate, argue etc... I am here because my fantasy and that type of life style is socially unacceptable, so its not something I feel comfortable discussing with the guys over a beer, talking to coworkers about, and I don't want my wife to feel like I am pressuring her so I don't talk to her much about anymore. Its nice to have a place where there are like minded people that will hopefully not try to discourage, tear down, or judge someone for liking this life style. I am not as hard core as some of these guys, I don't want my wife to be treated like a slut, I don't feel inferior to black men or want a black master, I don't feel like I have a tiny white penis, I feel like I am average size. The appeal to me is my wife having a good sexual experience and the black on white makes it more appealing, the thought of her white pussy wrapping around a black penis is very exciting to me.