need photoshop work done

Discussion in 'Photoshopped, Captions, Tribute Pictures' started by sexywife, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. sexywife

    sexywife New Member

    need someone to photoshop my wife
  2. photoshop_wizard

    photoshop_wizard New Member

    email me and we can chat about it
  3. zril

    zril New Member

    Just send them (your wife pics mainly showing the face)to me n consider it done!
  4. janu22

    janu22 Guest

    i can do it for you fro free
    add me on yahoo
  5. sissycuckboy

    sissycuckboy New Member

    send me pics of her face and I'll have her doing anything you want! I do this to pics of my wife to post on the internet all the time