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My wife left me


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You really shouldn't let one aspect of your life rule your life. I hate to say it but having your wife leave you is probably a good thing. If you want to be a cuck then you are going to need to provide a woman with a tangible reason to hook up with you. Since she isn't going to hook up with you for sex you have to offer something else. Typically this is security and material benefits. If she doesn't get one or both of these what is point of being with you? None of the women I fuck include their husbands. However they all live lifestyles that are above average. They may not get the cock they crave at home, but they have nice homes, nice cars and a very comfortable life. Can you provide these? Good luck in your future relationships
that sounds good and all but truth is your a sissy cuck and theres no way you can satisfy the type of woman you want physically , so stick to your guns , provide her with bbc and security ,spend your money on her and be her bitch ,like your supposed to .