My Girl wants black

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Hi we are a couple from Germany and we are going to visit the US in August.We will travel around and visit the east and west coast. She is 21.
Her dream is to get fucked by a bbc. She always watchs interracial porn and she always gets wet by watching it.She is impress by the fucking skills and the big dicks of black guys. I love her and i will make her dream come true and therefore i am searching for black guys that we can meet in the us. I am not sure if she is the typ of girl black guys want but if you are interessted holler at me.
Get out of hear with that crazy talk.. Your girlfriend will have no problem getting that big black cock . When u come to America you will find out that a white girl to black men is like throwing raw meat to Lions somebody will tear her apart. Your girlfriend will never want to leave America by the time u all return to your country she might need to go to the hospital so a doctor can stitch her pussy back together...


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Hell yes you should share her she is Hot. I would love to meet her and fill her and give her what she needs and introduce her to the Wonderful world BBC. If you trave through TX while you are in the US please let me know and we can exchange contact infomation. Thanks for the hot pics keep hem coming and keep us updated on her BBC experiences.
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