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Married White Cuckold Couple seeking Bulls

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pleasuregivingguy said:
wanna try me? , me can travel​
Wish you weren't so far away. maybe we meet half way??​

true ,,i too wish we werent this far !, i really wanna try 3 some with u, me bi curious too , u ok with it ? , me wanna suck his while i fuck her pussy deeply hadly with ym blacck hard cock
21 yrs old bbc, looking for a job as a sex toy for a white woman, if you need a sex slave kindly mail me, ... I located in Cameroon, sex toy , sex slave, I am all for you, I can be shared with your friends if you want to, no question I just fuck, anytime you want of the day, anywhere you wish to have a taste of my cuck, in exchange, I which you well me move out from Cameroon to live in US, for the main time I can live in your home, domestic work I am fulfill them, guarding etc... no problem
Not open for further replies.