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I am working on her, she grew up in a conservative religious family so has not been easy to get her to let go. My goal would be to have her let her inner slut out and become obsessed with a black man who could show her how good sex can be.
I am getting her conditioned to the idea, that it is normal for a wife to want a real mans cock, that she is missing something if she does not try. I think most important that she knows I will always be there when she is finished and I enjoy seeing her pleasured. I think it would be very hot if she only had sex with her boyfriend.
I can empathize with your wife. My husband wants me to go black. I am seriously considering it but it is a big step to take so I understand how she feels. Let me know how her experience is. I would like to know how it went with others in the same boat.


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Thank you for the message, it is a big step, but I am looking forward to seeing her expand her sexual pleasure. She deserves more than I can give her.
Though you're older, take baby steps now to tune her mind into it and let her set in that lifestyle slowly and she will be enjoying herself after