Looking for our 1st Cuckold

Hey all

My boyfriend Danny and I (Stephanie) are looking for our Cuckold fuck. We are looking for a single black guy or group of Black men with cocks atleast 10 inches and thick to fuck the hell out of me while my boyfriend watches. We want a guy or guys that are can be very rough and really fuck me for a long period of time. we have very few rules as to what cant be done to me. we hope to hear from you guys soon

we live in Virginia near Norfolk

Im atheletic 6'1 250lb. I am a Mechanic Engineer but I also work security for a couple of night clubs in Maryland and Washington D.C. when I have spare time.. I am single I have a big nine inch cock that is over two inches wide and I enjoy my beautiful White Women... I will be posting pics soon. If u have a Myspace account U can find me my name is Mac Mane u will see a Black screen just send me a friends request I will show u pics. I had to delete my facebook account to many people were hacking it thats why I went back to Myspace ..

D'Arcy James

Real Person
Would love to link up with yall'. You can reach me at .... I live in the same area and would love to come see you being that travel is not a problem. Hit me up for details.
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