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looking for couple

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BBC located in LA, California with 9 inch cock with talented, fingers, hands and tongue ready to use you, bring great sexual pleasure and breed single, separated, married, divorced, curious, first timers, beginners or regulars. Looking for a cuckold experience or the chance to breed some phat hot wet phat white pussy...mcndhouse@hotmail...for real!
Looking for a couple to cuckold in NW England. I'm a fit 38 year old male, if your interested I can e-mail or PM some photos
Hello Master,
I am a sissy husband with a very attractive wife. Recently my wife caught me dressed as a woman for the first time and found it very amusing. I want to convince her to fuck other men while I dress up and watch as punishment for being such a faggot. I can send you pics...
Love Ash. x
Not open for further replies.