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looking for BBC for girlfriend in omaha

Hey all, I have girlfriend with a smoking hot body, around 42, I will try and locate some pics for you. I am trying to find 2 minimum, up to possibly 4 black men with giant thick black cocks to pound the living shit out of all of her holes. I want her to get fucked like shehas never been fucked before. I already talk dirty to her about my fantasy while I am stretching the shit out of her sweet shaved pussy with a massive dildo, and her asshole is very accomodating too. She doesn't. Want black cock, but will probably do whatever I want her to, we have had 3 somes before and I knew she was going over to her friends house to fuck him without me and his black friend showed up and they tag teamed her. So I'm pretty sure once she starts getting all the attention and kissing, freplay etc she wil be putty in your hands. May need to introduce one man at 1st to begin making out with her and get her in the mood and distracted and then have other men come in slowly and stand next to her and grab her hand and place it on your giant rock hard black cock and have her start jerking you until you make her hit her knees and start to pound her mouth, making her gag and swapping with the others. So.... what do you think? Any takers? P.s. you must know how to fucking tear that fucking pussy up, but not in too violent of a way, I want her to be a little overwhelmed but not afraid for her life or have a bad expiernce and not want to do it again. Also I may be willing to touch or hold so bbc for the 1st time or??? Fairy nervous about it, but for so reason it intrigues me. Not a necessity and more then liky won't even happen, so if its a potental deal breaker, don't even worry about it