Looking for a hot GB

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Yea, invite me inside your house one time baby, right there in the living room, have you begging for some of my big black dick in front of your husband. Let your husband sit on the sofa and watch da Black Master train his wife in the fine arts of black cock sucking and fucking. Barbie would that be humilating to you? Would that make your hot blond pussy all wet? OOh yea, I know it would. I have you on your knees telling you what to do, pulling my jeans and underwear down, having you hold my big black penis and rub it all over your face and lick my big black balls, and then tell hubby out loud why you want to suck my dick so much and make it hard. Hydie, what would you tell your husband then, heh?
I am ready to be part of that gangbang... I bet U won't be disappointed. Just hit me up back. I live in Los Angeles by the way...
Thanks for all the comments guys! And thanks to this site I was able to meet alot of big BBC's. And thanks guys for showing up for the last party ! (you know you are). I've never been with more then 7 guys before. I was great !! Thanks again. I've got a friend that would like to join the next one. Which I hope will be in Vegas next month. I think she will be great for a BBC gangbang don't you guys think? And if anyone BBC want to join us in Vegas let me know !
If you can make it up the coast to Washington My Lady and I arrange GB parties for women such as yourself...contact me and let see what we can do for you.
Edward and Nina
Hydie I'd love to join you in a hot fucking gangbang. I'm up the raod from you in tehachapi. You look great and I bet hotter and sexier as we fuck all of you. P.M. me with info, pics and lets meet up for some hot cum fucking
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